Stock Photo Sites: Every Blogger’s Pal

So, I’ve been running this blog for some time. Before this blog, I had a long history in running all sorts of other blogs, and writing online content for friends and their Publications as well. For me, this is my pride and joy at the moment, and I’m always happy to write a post here. I’m so appreciative to have you as an audience, and I thank you very much for reading. I don’t mean to complain about the life of a blogger, cuz there are a lot of amazing things about it. For one, I am absolutely doing something that I love to do, and there are people that appreciate it and encouraged me to keep going. There are certain elements of writing blogs that have always annoyed me, and I have always just assumed that there would never be a solution to them. Now, I know what you’re thinking:

 “ooooh writing blogs must be so hard… Yeah right!”

To a certain degree, I see where you’re coming from. There is a lot about what I do that a lot of people probably find enviable. In the past, I’ve mentioned that anyone can do it, and I will continue to do so cuz I believe that if you are passionate about something there’s absolutely nothing keeping you from achieving what you are trying to achieve. For me, one of the biggest annoyances about writing blogs and online content? It’s finding good stock photography. Good stock photography almost begins to seem like an oxymoron. Now, I’m not trying to be harsh or over dramatic, but that is what I sincerely begin to believe a lot of the time.

So, when I found a source for good Stock Photos , I felt like I just found a diamond in the rough, or a needle in the haystack. EyeEm is full of amazing photos that can be used by anybody who needs stock photography for their blog, website, or some other form of online post. Seriously, I can’t believe I existed so long without it. But, now that I have it, I can’t see going on with being a writer online without using this precious resource. I thought about keeping it to myself, but I decided that it would be best to share it with you, in case you are as much in need of a good stock photography collection as I was…

Keep on Keepin it real, people, and thank you so much for reading.