Hi there dear readers! It has been quite a long time since I blogged about my latest ventures. I have been busy in my recent plans of putting newer business ventures and it has got me more and more excited each day!

So I have listed a few ideas down in my notebook—put up an online store of my our preloved clothes, a new food cart business (selling fries or burgers, maybe), have a small tutorial center or conduct workshops in real estate marketing?

Of all these four ideas, my heart torn between putting an online store and having workshops on real estate marketing. You see I love shopping online. I have been an avid fan of online shopping since it boomed a couple of years ago. In fact, I got my favourite summer dress through a chick online store. I think if I put up an online store for our old but still in good shape clothes, house materials and decorations, I will not only have another income stream but I will be able to clean up my house too. I will surely have more sources in saving for our family’s next summer getaway. I can have a general clean up in the house and sort out things that we do not use anymore. I’m sure my kids won’t like it if they found out I will be selling their old toys. I mean, they are now grown-ups, I hope they will understand. I can also post my old dresses, and the one I used when we had our alumni homecoming five years ago. I bet that would fit one lucky buyer. We are thinking of going to Cabo or in St. Barths, but I think it will depend on the budget.

On the other hand, I am also thinking of having a real estate marketing workshops for budding agents. I have this friend how lets a small room (fit for 15-20 people) perfect for conducting workshops. It’s called a co-working space and I read it’s the in thing right now for freelancers and digital nomads. You see, a lot of my friends know I have background on marketing. I have worked with various brands before starting a family and I am proud my career in marketing has landed me a nice position in the corporate latter. A lot of my friends are into real estate selling. If ever I will pursue the said workshop, my friends will not only be my attendees. I can have them invite other agents they know so they can learn a thing or two about real estate marketing. I shall also invite a couple of speakers in the same topic so we can have diverse opinion on topics as well as share a lot of ideas to the attendees.

I am torn between these two ideas but I am still giving myself a couple of months to decide what venture I should dwell into. I am excited about putting up a new business because I am absolutely interested in either conducting a workshops or having an online shop. Wish me luck!

Why I Will Buy A Property In Vancouver

I just cannot wait to get to Vancouver. Vancouver is such a beautiful city, and every time I visit I end up wanting to stay there. Actually, the only reason that I haven’t stayed there is because property prices are so high. Property prices are high because Vancouver has become one of the most popular cities on the planet, and people are investing in the city from all over the world.

A friend of mine told me that right now, in downtown Vancouver, over half of the apartments are owned by people who don’t even live in the city. Usually people from China and other Rich business people from other countries have invested in these units and they end up renting them out on things like Airbnb and stuff. I don’t know where I stand on that. I mean, it seems strange, but it was also bring you a lot of positive prosperity to the area.

Anyway, I think I’m going to go and check it out. I’ve been saving my whole life to buy some property in a place I really love, whether it’s for living there myself or whether it’s an investment property it is yet to be determined… Maybe it can be both, where I sometimes live in the place and then at other times and renting it out to either long-term or short-term tenants.

That seems to be what a lot of people are doing these days. Anyway, I’ve been in contact with a Vancouver Realtor who has agreed to lend some of his time to me for free, as he can tell that I’m a potential buyer, and he is going to show me some Burnaby condos for sale. In case you don’t know, Burnaby is a city that is right beside Vancouver, and the two are connected by public transit and are not far away from each other at all. Vancouver is actually famous for having a huge urban sprawl with lots of suburbs and other cities nearby. Richmond, New Westminster, Surrey, and all sorts of other towns and cities like Aldergrove and Tsawassen are super close and sometimes even connected with their train line!

So, I’ve decided to look at some condos in Burnaby just to see if there’s anything in my price range that I fall in love with. I’m not convinced that I’m going to end up buying property by any means, in fact that don’t expect that I will, but I’ve been thinking about it for so long and I would love to have a visit to Vancouver so it seems to make sense right now.

Tech Series for Mompreneurs

Hello techie ladies!

My college friend, Maya, a tech blogger and an entrepreneur, would love to invite you to become a part of a lecture series about the latest trends in technology and how it can benefit your own business.

Whether you are a work-at-home mom, an online business owner, or an entrepreneur making bucks out of your passion project, I definitely believe this lecture series will benefit you in most ways than you can ever imagined.

The lecture series, entitled “Be A Techie Mommy” aspires to help mothers to gain knowledge about using social media in landing more sales for their businesses, the know-how on making websites, and eventually learning how apps work for your business.

Here is the outline of the lecture series which shall be every Saturdays for the whole month of May:

1st Saturday

Introduction of Speaker

Getting to Know the Participants

A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media (Facebook, Twitters, Instagram, Pinterest)


Getting Clients from Social Media Contacts



2nd Saturday

Recap of Previous Lecture

Websites 101 (How to Use WordPress, How to Make a Guest Post, How to Increase Traffic)


Does Traffic Matter for Your Website?


3rd Saturday

Recap of Past Lecture

Going the App Way (How to Make an App, App Store Optimization 101)


How Apps Can Increase Your Sales


4th Saturday

Recap of Past Lecture

Are You Ready To Make Your Business Go Digital?


Feedback/ Comments from Participants

Fellowship Night and Networking

Here are the list of speakers for the four-day lecture series:

Maya Constantine

Maya is a 32-year-old tech bloggers and entrepreneur. She started her business consulting agency at age 28 and from there, built her network of clients from different digital brands.  She has partnered with giant companies in making their brands more visible in the digital world through her expertise in digital marketing and website development. She also write gadget and other tech product reviews for different clients and also maintains a tech news website. Currently, she handles a team of 10 young tech enthusiasts who has all gained knowledge from her.

Brian Bolden

Brian is work-at-home app and website developer based in Toronto. When not working, he usually binge watch Netflix series while babysitting his four-month-old son.

Trisha McLlalen

Trisha is a mother-of-six who is currently managing her own online clothing business named Star Witch. She started her business way back in 2004. She drew inspiration from different Victoria’s Secret models and Vogue and In Style editors. She designs the clothing she sells in the shop which gives her the edge in the uniqueness and creativity department. For her, putting up a website for her online shop is a must especially for businesswomen who wanted their businesses to reach a greater amount of clients. She says she has landed a lot of partners, from big companies, and has also been featured in different fashion magazines. She also decided to put up another website catering to girls who loves fashion.

So what are you all waiting for, ladies? I have attended a previous lecture series of my friend Maya last December where we tackled blogging. To be honest, I was just writing my thoughts out before I attended that class and after which, I never looked at blogging the same way again. I learned a lot from the workshop and it has helped me with blogging, and writing in general.

I will be going to this event and I am sure if you will go too, you will learn from it just like me.

And oh, did I mention that if you go with a friend, you’ll get a discount of 30 percent?

For more information, e-mail me or ping a message to Maya at

See you there, ladies!


For the first time I decided to participate on this give away for an invitation. What kind of invitation?

The well-known Annic van Wonderen (click) who can be described as a succesful powerwoman who published her own book and has her own business (I Love Fashion News), tweeted about it and I just gave it a try. A few days later I received an e-mail that I was selected and invited on the Most Wanted Shopping Night from the Most Wanted Boutique in Rotterdam at June 26th. is a boutique in Rotterdam with the coolest collection. I saw a black chain bag I really wanted to my hands on. I got one!

I’ve also bought a black draped top to wear with my skinny jeans. On this particular shopping night we’d receive a 20% discount on the whole collection. Hairdresser Rob Peetoom was there to style your hair and do your make up.

Annic van Wonderen was there all night to give styling advice to those who needed it. She’s very nice and gave some good tips to the customers who asked.

I really had a great night!


1. How did you get your blogname?

You’ve already met my precious Foxxy. The name of my blog is based on her name. When she came, that was the moment I started thinking about really doing this! I wanted to blog since years ago but when Foxxy came, I decided to just do it. I chose to base the name of my blog on Foxxy since she came in the time that I decided to start this blog. And there was!

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