Monitor a Baby in Just One Click

All people have to satisfy their needs in life and that’s why there is a range of various products on the market right now. For example, there are many stores in the shopping centers and lots of people visit them on a daily basis. This time, when I was searching for a useful thing to buy, I decided to get a camera, which will monitor my baby. Finally, my choice fell on the Comfort Cam.
Well, generally there are quite a few reasons why decided to buy exactly this wifi baby monitor. Firstly, I bought it because of its quality and reasonable price, while some of my friends buy a camera for its expensive brand (name), even without asking for its technical specifications. People have different needs and references buying certain products.
Usually, I buy cheap products and afterwards I simply cannot use them, because of their bad quality, but this time I didn’t fail. I was surprised when I figured out how many brands produce those cameras. Unfortunately, most of them promise something that is far from the reality.

Okay, let’s talk more about the Comfort Cam, because I’m really happy with the quality and functionality of it and it will be a pleasure for me to share my own experience with you.
You don’t need to be tech guru, as you can simply follow the instructions. Moreover, you can view multiple cameras simultaneously. However, I have only one for now. I plan to buy one more soon. Please don’t forget to download the ComfortCam Pro App. This is very important, because the first one is the old version and it will not work properly.

How does it work?

Comfort camera will be connected to the network in your house. You can use any kind of device. It might be your PC, tablet or mobile phone. You can access to the camera anywhere you are and see your baby anytime. For example, when I am in the office, I adore to “spy” on my little baby. It also has sound, so that you can even speak with him/her and, of course, you’re able to hear your baby’s voice as well.

The wireless cameras can access your home network to display the live camera view on any compatible device. These devices include a computer, iPad or other tablet computer, iPhones or other smartphones, and even your TV. If your home network can access the Internet (most do), then after an initial and sometimes complicated setup, you can connect to the live view from your camera anywhere where the wifi is available — essentially turning your camera into a worldwide webcam. That means you can see the live feed from the video camera while in your office, on the golf course, or any place where you can access the Internet.

I don’t know why, but in our situation, it wasn’t so easy to find a place for the camera. In the beginning I put it on the dresser and it looked straight into the front. But the crib has bars so that I was unable to see her, when she sleeps, so I move it to the top of a tall shelf behind them. Now I can see how she sits and stands. This is awesome and I glad to fix it there.

After I installed Comfortcamera I became more confident and I noticed again that I have plenty of time. I decreased the stressful moments of my life and as the bonus I got the records of my little cute baby. We will keep it as a good memory of the best moments in her life.
It should be said that this camera cannot give you a full picture of what’s happening as well as real feelings, but it’s better to see them on the screen rather than miss them at all.

And finally – whether day or night, anyone who has access to the camera is able to monitor and hear the baby.

I hope it was useful and I helped you to decide what camera will monitor your kid.


Contouring. Is it getting old since strobing is the new hype?

I guess it is, yet I still love to contour when I’m putting a full face on now and then. I have to admit that what I’m about to review has been in my make up stash for quite a few months now. Yet I’d still like to share with you the benefits of contouring with cream pencils.

So I went to Douglas a few months ago and saw that Smashbox has this contour kit with three pencils: a highlighter, a bronzer and a contour pencil. Apply the hightlighting pencil on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and on your brow bone. Below the highlighter you should apply the bronzing pencil and then apply your contour.

Get a damp Beautyblender and dab the product on your skin. Don’t forget to blend ladies! Just so that it all smoothes out nicely and there are no stripes on your face.

I’ve swatched the pencils so you can get an impression of the colors.

What I love about the pencils is that you can’t get too much product on your face like that sometimes happens when you’re using powder. With the powdery formula I tend to use too much product. Then there’s contour all over my face. Especially on the places I don’t want it to be!

You can order the Smashbox kit here.

I’d say, just give it a try and maybe this is the solution when you’re coping with the same problem as I do when using powdered contour.

Have a great day my loves!


Stock Photo Sites: Every Blogger’s Pal

So, I’ve been running this blog for some time. Before this blog, I had a long history in running all sorts of other blogs, and writing online content for friends and their Publications as well. For me, this is my pride and joy at the moment, and I’m always happy to write a post here. I’m so appreciative to have you as an audience, and I thank you very much for reading. I don’t mean to complain about the life of a blogger, cuz there are a lot of amazing things about it. For one, I am absolutely doing something that I love to do, and there are people that appreciate it and encouraged me to keep going. There are certain elements of writing blogs that have always annoyed me, and I have always just assumed that there would never be a solution to them. Now, I know what you’re thinking:

 “ooooh writing blogs must be so hard… Yeah right!”

To a certain degree, I see where you’re coming from. There is a lot about what I do that a lot of people probably find enviable. In the past, I’ve mentioned that anyone can do it, and I will continue to do so cuz I believe that if you are passionate about something there’s absolutely nothing keeping you from achieving what you are trying to achieve. For me, one of the biggest annoyances about writing blogs and online content? It’s finding good stock photography. Good stock photography almost begins to seem like an oxymoron. Now, I’m not trying to be harsh or over dramatic, but that is what I sincerely begin to believe a lot of the time.

So, when I found a source for good Stock Photos , I felt like I just found a diamond in the rough, or a needle in the haystack. EyeEm is full of amazing photos that can be used by anybody who needs stock photography for their blog, website, or some other form of online post. Seriously, I can’t believe I existed so long without it. But, now that I have it, I can’t see going on with being a writer online without using this precious resource. I thought about keeping it to myself, but I decided that it would be best to share it with you, in case you are as much in need of a good stock photography collection as I was…

Keep on Keepin it real, people, and thank you so much for reading.

What Makes Unu Motors Stand Out

I am always amazed on business who wants to make differences in their own way. Those companies who are not only after money but is after in helping people as well as the communities. Imagine having these kinds of businesses who does not only want to make money but to help as well. We all know that nowadays, people are so consumed in their own lives that we sometimes forget to care about nature. I always love companies who are driven by their passion to help the community. For one, There is clothing company who helps poor women from different marginalized places in the world. I find this very cool and inspiring. I also know a company who gives their funds to a charity. There are also a lot of companies who support charities, as well as foundations and organizations who are helping people, as well as the environment to reach certain goals for the betterment of the world.

I learned about Unu Motors when I was visiting my friends in The Netherlands. Two of my friends owned one of their flagship products, the electric scooters or elektrische scooter., which got me really interested. They let me borrow one of theirs while roaming around the city and I loved every bit of the feeling. I love that Unu Motors is not like any other companies who just wants profit from their products. My friends told me that they are avid customers of this company. Their electric scooters actually are of great benefits to the city. Why you ask? Well, Unu Motors just created a product which is proud to be pro-enviroent. It does not emit gas which can pollute the air. In fact, it is ran bt electricity so you need not to fuel up. You do not need to go to the gas station just so you can use your scooter. You can charge it anywhere without too much of a hassle and ai think that is a nice idea, especially for those busy people. One more thing, their electric scooters have portable batteries. Aside from that, the electric scooters ran quietly. You do not contribute to noise pollution.

That’s really cool! Just imagine seeing and being in a road where scooters do not create any noise. I bet that will lessen the stress and tiredness of every motorists and commuters. And just imagine if this happens in major cities around the world, I guess countries will have a happier place for its people. I remember one time visited a city somewhere in Southeast Asia and I literally got stressed out when I rented a motorcycle to roam around the city. It took me a couple of hours to get to one destination to another because of the traffic and the noise pollution. Or literally for me and my company stressed out. We barely enjoyed to place though I must admit the food was really great. But really, it was not an outstanding experience for us.

So when I heard about Unu Motors, I was amazed by their good work and advocacy. I hope many other companies, not just in the line of transportation, follow the steps of this company.

Go follow them in their website or check out their social media pages for more information about this awesome company and their product!

360 camaras

Top 3 manually tested best 360 cameras you should try

Pros of digital technology:

Digital technology is on the move. And there are lots of new gadgets introduced in the market each day. Sometimes, I feel lucky to be living in this age equipped with so many tools everything is just easy and accessible. I just can’t imagine being living in 1940 with actually nothing!( no facebook, no youtube not even google).

Confusion created by speed of technology:

360 camaras


The actual problem with this fast moving world is that we cannot decide where to invest( it really sucks). I mean, every day we see a lot of ads like ‘Hey, have you seen this’ ..’Record breaking sales’.. ‘take 70% off’.. blah blah blah. This really makes me confused and I end up buying nothing. Our human mind needs ‘options’. It needs options to compare and decide. We like to decide ourselves we just can’t believe anyone saying “hey it’s best for u”( how come he knows what’s best for me!)

Top 360 cameras:

Moving back towards the topic. In the previous article, I have discussed the best “360 camera”. But today I have compiled a list of top 3, 360 cameras in the market for you. So,  you can decide for yourself which is best for you. I have compiled this list by properly going through their various features like shape, picture quality, price, ease of use and durability.

360fly 4K HD camera:-

360 camaras

I have talked about this camera in the “past”. Honestly, I am in love with this thing. It’s best for me but you have the right to decide by yourself. It has some brilliant qualities like it is shockproof, with 64GB built-in memory. It also records videos in high quality with resolution 2880 x 2880. It also supports iOS and android devices and compatible with PC and MAC. It has a powerful battery of  1780 mAH. The main thing people complain about it is the price. It comes with a retail price of $471.99(best things come up with some price). List of few of specs is

Resolution :  2880 x 2880

Storage: 64GB

Supported mobile: iOS9 or later+ Android 4.4+

Supported PC: Mac OS X, Window

Battery: 1780 mAH

If you are looking for the best thing and money is not your concern then this is for you. But if you are looking for something economical then Read on.


360 camaras

This camera is one of the best 360 cams in the market. The Japanese company RICOH launched this product first in October 2013. At that time, 360 was not the breaking news. But the insight of RICOH gave them an edge over competitors like Samsung and Nikon. This product is now in its third generation RICOH theta S. This camera can really store some awesome spherical images for you. With attractive design. The design of this camera is really attractive and it comes up with 8GB built-in memory which can store up to 15000 photos for you. You just need to take some pics and its mobile app does the rest.

It comes up with a price of about 300-350$ a bit economical than  360fly 4K HD. It also supports android and Ios devices.

Few of its specs are:-

Built-in memory:  8GB

Resolution  :  1920 x 1080/Equivalent to approx. 14 megapixels (x2)

Battery: up to 200-300 images.

Samsung Gear 360 review:-

360 camaras


Samsung has been a leader when it comes to technology and user experience. They just keep bringing awesome gadgets in the market. This time they have come up with Samsung gear 360. This gear can shot videos and capture pictures in a spherical view. It has two cameras which can shoot a 360 image but you can also use it to capture 180 images just by turning off one( yeah, draw backfeeling of control!). Although, it is a great gadget but itdrawback it just only supports Samsung devices Samsung Galaxy S6-S7, S6-S7(Edge), S6 Edge and also phones supported by Samsung gear manager app. So it is not for users like Apple and other brands.

It comes up with the price of between 300-350 US dollars. It has following specs:-

Resolution : 3840 x 1920

Memory: 1GB RAM Extendable by SD card supported up to 200GB

Battery: 1350mAh

So, these three are some 3 awesome 360 cameras out there. Each has its own characteristics you can decide which is best for you.

If you are using some awesome 360 camera share the experience with me. I would love to hear from you. Stay safe and enjoy the world of virtual reality.