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For My Hubby

You know, it is so difficult to find something to buy your husband. I was on Survival cooking and I couldn’t see anything that I thought he needed this year. Probably, because I have already bought him everything that he might need in that Realm. No, I’m always surprised by the fact that he always wants more than he needs when it comes to outdoor gear, I really felt like getting him something different this year. I was very excited when I had the idea to buy him a nice new watch. I started looking at best watches under 500, and I couldn’t help but notice that there were a lot of really amazing affordable options. I think I have the one that I’m going to get him.



Luckily, he never reads my blog. Usually, I am upset with him for that, but this time around I would be very upset if he did end up reading this. However, I don’t think we’re going to have to worry about that, because I’m pretty sure that he does not want to read my thoughts as we work to keep some things to ourselves. Generally, I think the watch that I’m going to get him is a little bit out of his comfort zone, but sometimes we’re getting dressed for nice events I can tell that he is losing a bit of confidence because he doesn’t have accessories that are as nice as some of the other men. It always makes me a bit sad to see that, especially because I’m decked out with so much amazing stuff. So, I’m glad to give him the opportunity to dress up a bit and look a lot nicer at all sorts of social functions. Can not wait to get him this amazing new watch and see his face light up!

What Makes Unu Motors Stand Out

I am always amazed on business who wants to make differences in their own way. Those companies who are not only after money but is after in helping people as well as the communities. Imagine having these kinds of businesses who does not only want to make money but to help as well. We all know that nowadays, people are so consumed in their own lives that we sometimes forget to care about nature. I always love companies who are driven by their passion to help the community. For one, There is clothing company who helps poor women from different marginalized places in the world. I find this very cool and inspiring. I also know a company who gives their funds to a charity. There are also a lot of companies who support charities, as well as foundations and organizations who are helping people, as well as the environment to reach certain goals for the betterment of the world.

I learned about Unu Motors when I was visiting my friends in The Netherlands. Two of my friends owned one of their flagship products, the electric scooters or elektrische scooter., which got me really interested. They let me borrow one of theirs while roaming around the city and I loved every bit of the feeling. I love that Unu Motors is not like any other companies who just wants profit from their products. My friends told me that they are avid customers of this company. Their electric scooters actually are of great benefits to the city. Why you ask? Well, Unu Motors just created a product which is proud to be pro-enviroent. It does not emit gas which can pollute the air. In fact, it is ran bt electricity so you need not to fuel up. You do not need to go to the gas station just so you can use your scooter. You can charge it anywhere without too much of a hassle and ai think that is a nice idea, especially for those busy people. One more thing, their electric scooters have portable batteries. Aside from that, the electric scooters ran quietly. You do not contribute to noise pollution.

That’s really cool! Just imagine seeing and being in a road where scooters do not create any noise. I bet that will lessen the stress and tiredness of every motorists and commuters. And just imagine if this happens in major cities around the world, I guess countries will have a happier place for its people. I remember one time visited a city somewhere in Southeast Asia and I literally got stressed out when I rented a motorcycle to roam around the city. It took me a couple of hours to get to one destination to another because of the traffic and the noise pollution. Or literally for me and my company stressed out. We barely enjoyed to place though I must admit the food was really great. But really, it was not an outstanding experience for us.

So when I heard about Unu Motors, I was amazed by their good work and advocacy. I hope many other companies, not just in the line of transportation, follow the steps of this company.

Go follow them in their website or check out their social media pages for more information about this awesome company and their product!