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I once bought the best wooden watches  online and I never regretted it! I mean, there are a lot of scams over the internet but I believe that if you are vigilante and you know how to protect your information, especially personal ones, then you will not have any problem at all. I bought clothes, house equipments, shies, gadgets and the latest if my favourite is my newly purchased wood watch. I just love how it was easy for me to buy things and they will just drop it for a day or two which totally saves time and energy.

I remember when I had to do the grocery, there is an online service where they do the grocery for you and you just pay them when they are delivered right at your doorstep. How cool is that, right?

Vitamin C has changed my life

An incredible Vitamin C serum has changed my life. I know that is one of the healthiest vitamins to ingest, but I didn’t know that the effects on my physical appearance could be so possibly benefited by the presence of vitamin C, alas, here I am, feeling so good about myself, constantly, all of the time, just because I am using this amazing vitamin C serum. Yes, my skin glows. People keep complimenting me on my skin, even in the past before I had skin issues, nobody actually complimented my skin, and now people are saying that it is amazing and they are asking me what I used to create it, and I have a very simple answer. People are always surprised, too and they must think that I used to have fine skin and that the serum is and actually doing too much, so then I begin to explain that my skin was horrible. It was full of facial lines, acne scarring, and even damage from the Sun that is completely been reversed in the last couple of months of using this incredible vitamin C serum.



Care for a membership with Amazon?

They’re not just a shipping resource for online shopping anymore, but they are competing directly with the best online shopping and shipping experiences. Not to mention, they’re doing other things like offering Amazon photos, which is just some Cloud space that you can use to store files like photos and videos and anything else that you need space for. Online Cloud space is also a really valuable resource, and I think it’s really interesting that Amazon is adding this to their portfolio. Not to mention, Amazon Prime just purchased Whole Foods. By purchasing Whole Foods, they are now the owners of the best, most highly rated, most respected grocery store chain in the entire United States of America. To think of how this will affect their American operations is really interesting. And from here, it is also interesting to think about how this will end up impacting their Canadian operations, because so far, they seem to end up implementing most of their ideas to Canada after having tried them in the United States. So, how much is Amazon Prime Canada? How much does Amazon Prime Canada cost? In my opinion, it doesn’t cost enough. With the amount that they’re offering, if you’re a student, and you’re paying less than $4 a month for these amazing Services, about three 75 a month or something like that, I think that at that point, you can really recognize that you’re getting an extremely good value for your dollar.

A Coffee Date with an Old Friend


It has been years since we last saw eahc other. We were in college when we last had a meet up. We grew up in the same community that is why it is not surprising to know that we share a lot of memories together. We love going out during the night, during our thesis time when we ware craving for some burgers and fries. We also travelled to a few countries during summer breaks and all was awesome. We went to Europe, Southeast Asia and in South Africa where were bitten vg the travel bug.


She had to study to Europe for her graduate studies and since then, we lost communication probably due also to our very busy schedules. And now, my good friend is back in town for a couple of weeks and we cannot wait to have a coffee date. I remember when we both bought two Zegarki wood watch that symbolizes our friendship. I will be wearing the same old wood watch and I vet she will also wear hers. We will be having a couple of hours of coffee after my meeting with a client and I am definitely excited to see her again after years.

Gift giving for cancer patients



I found the best source for Gifts for Cancer Patients. I know that this sounds a little bit odd, and it would have sounded odd to me too, but I hope that you will take the time to listen to me and understand where I’m coming from.  I think that once we learn to understand the point of view that I have over been working on understanding over the last few months, I think that our society can progressed to a point where we see the True Value in gift-giving, and learn to deal with people who are in different circumstances than us in a way that is actually in pathetic, even though we’ve never experienced it before. The things that we’ve all been down, and we’ve all felt short on things like tranquility and kindness and empathy and protection, we’ve all been there, as far as I know, we have all felt a lack of these very important things which allow peace of mind and happiness and allow us to live our lives in a way that is actually meaningful and not based in fear. Yes, in my opinion, this is a common thing that most people have experience, and, when we get sick, or when somebody gets very ill, and it’s hard to know how to cross that bridge into a meaningful dialogue, let alone purchasing a gift or something along those lines.