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Travel makes you more creative

Jumping on a plane gives you more than the privilege of enjoying great views and meeting new people. For the most part, travelling allows you to be more creative—according to a study.

Travel broadens the mind. Now, there’s an evidence to back it up: in one of the studies conducted by Professor Adam Galinsky of Columbia Business School, “foreign experiences increase both cognitive flexibility and depth, and integrativeness of thought, the ability to make deep connections between disparate forms.” Galinsky has been conducting numerous studies focusing on the connection between creativity and international travel.

Cognitive flexibility is a key component of creativity where one can switch between thinking about two different concepts simultaneously.

While it was pointed out that merely going abroad cannot literally make you more creative, immersing yourself in the local culture and engaging with the local residents of the country you visited might.

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A college plan



I plan to take up medicine in college, and become a doctor. I want to be able to help the people who are suffering because of their sickness. I would like to make my parent’s proud, especially my mother who has inspired me to become a doctor as well. This profession would help in the medical missions and charities, which I consider as a gift of compassion to the Lord. Therefore, my view is, as I serve my brothers and sisters, I am serving my Lord and my God.

Every race has its own uniqueness, but for me, I think that the traits that make us Filipinos unique are being hospitable and family-oriented. We, have been hospitable from the very start. I love how we’re really family oriented and always find time for one another despite the many circumstances. Even helping the poor and the less prirvilege on computer related stuff. I once taught people in a college class about infotech. In return, they even told me how to know access point test.  There are many more diverse traits that make us special, which makes me proud. I guess you could really say that it is more fun and I am very proud to be.


Secured space for your things

Self storages are the in thing nowadays for those who want to store their things. It has safe and secured units and has a world-class security systems which makes your things safe and secured. Their customer service is also one thing to laud. Before doing this, you also need to compare storage prices. They can be access anytime and anywhere and their friendly staff will guide you as you go to your storage spaces. You need not to be bounded in a contract and you also have a flexible tenure program or schedule. Whatever you need, I think self storage solutions are the best partners for seeking storages for businesses.

My best 360 grad kamera

I recently used my best 360 grad kamera whch I bought last week. I went touring an island and a mountain with my friends. We had a nice time camping in one summit and by the sea and we documented it through mt camera. My friend, who is a photographer, took photos of us while I do the filming. It was such a raw experience and me and my friends vowed that we will come back some day if our schedules and our busy days permits. I love how we all just eat, laughed, drink, and just had a good time reminiscing our high school memories where we grow old together. I hope we will have another reunion like this one in the futre!

I once bought the best wooden watches  online and I never regretted it! I mean, there are a lot of scams over the internet but I believe that if you are vigilante and you know how to protect your information, especially personal ones, then you will not have any problem at all. I bought clothes, house equipments, shies, gadgets and the latest if my favourite is my newly purchased wood watch. I just love how it was easy for me to buy things and they will just drop it for a day or two which totally saves time and energy.

I remember when I had to do the grocery, there is an online service where they do the grocery for you and you just pay them when they are delivered right at your doorstep. How cool is that, right?