A Coffee Date with an Old Friend


It has been years since we last saw eahc other. We were in college when we last had a meet up. We grew up in the same community that is why it is not surprising to know that we share a lot of memories together. We love going out during the night, during our thesis time when we ware craving for some burgers and fries. We also travelled to a few countries during summer breaks and all was awesome. We went to Europe, Southeast Asia and in South Africa where were bitten vg the travel bug.


She had to study to Europe for her graduate studies and since then, we lost communication probably due also to our very busy schedules. And now, my good friend is back in town for a couple of weeks and we cannot wait to have a coffee date. I remember when we both bought two Zegarki wood watch that symbolizes our friendship. I will be wearing the same old wood watch and I vet she will also wear hers. We will be having a couple of hours of coffee after my meeting with a client and I am definitely excited to see her again after years.