Month: November 2016

Why I Will Buy A Property In Vancouver

I just cannot wait to get to Vancouver. Vancouver is such a beautiful city, and every time I visit I end up wanting to stay there. Actually, the only reason that I haven’t stayed there is because property prices are so high. Property prices are high because Vancouver has become one of the most popular cities on the planet, and people are investing in the city from all over the world.

A friend of mine told me that right now, in downtown Vancouver, over half of the apartments are owned by people who don’t even live in the city. Usually people from China and other Rich business people from other countries have invested in these units and they end up renting them out on things like Airbnb and stuff. I don’t know where I stand on that. I mean, it seems strange, but it was also bring you a lot of positive prosperity to the area.

Anyway, I think I’m going to go and check it out. I’ve been saving my whole life to buy some property in a place I really love, whether it’s for living there myself or whether it’s an investment property it is yet to be determined… Maybe it can be both, where I sometimes live in the place and then at other times and renting it out to either long-term or short-term tenants.

That seems to be what a lot of people are doing these days. Anyway, I’ve been in contact with a Vancouver Realtor who sells Vancouver condos has agreed to lend some of his time to me for free, as he can tell that I’m a potential buyer, and he is going to show me some Burnaby condos for sale. In case you don’t know, Burnaby is a city that is right beside Vancouver, and the two are connected by public transit and are not far away from each other at all. Vancouver is actually famous for having a huge urban sprawl with lots of suburbs and other cities nearby. Richmond, New Westminster, Surrey, and all sorts of other towns and cities like Aldergrove and Tsawassen are super close and sometimes even connected with their train line! I might also drop by a friend’s office who knows some¬†Coal Harbour condos for sale¬†which can be an option too.

So, I’ve decided to look at some condos in Burnaby just to see if there’s anything in my price range that I fall in love with. I’m not convinced that I’m going to end up buying property by any means, in fact that don’t expect that I will, but I’ve been thinking about it for so long and I would love to have a visit to Vancouver so it seems to make sense right now.