Month: February 2016

Tech Series for Mompreneurs

Hello techie ladies!

My college friend, Maya, a tech blogger and an entrepreneur, would love to invite you to become a part of a lecture series about the latest trends in technology and how it can benefit your own business.

Whether you are a work-at-home mom, an online business owner, or an entrepreneur making bucks out of your passion project, I definitely believe this lecture series will benefit you in most ways than you can ever imagined.

The lecture series, entitled “Be A Techie Mommy” aspires to help mothers to gain knowledge about using social media in landing more sales for their businesses, the know-how on making websites, and eventually learning how apps work for your business.

Here is the outline of the lecture series which shall be every Saturdays for the whole month of May:

1st Saturday

Introduction of Speaker

Getting to Know the Participants

A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media (Facebook, Twitters, Instagram, Pinterest)


Getting Clients from Social Media Contacts



2nd Saturday

Recap of Previous Lecture

Websites 101 (How to Use WordPress, How to Make a Guest Post, How to Increase Traffic)


Does Traffic Matter for Your Website?


3rd Saturday

Recap of Past Lecture

Going the App Way (How to Make an App, App Store Optimization 101)


How Apps Can Increase Your Sales


4th Saturday

Recap of Past Lecture

Are You Ready To Make Your Business Go Digital?


Feedback/ Comments from Participants

Fellowship Night and Networking

Here are the list of speakers for the four-day lecture series:

Maya Constantine

Maya is a 32-year-old tech bloggers and entrepreneur. She started her business consulting agency at age 28 and from there, built her network of clients from different digital brands.  She has partnered with giant companies in making their brands more visible in the digital world through her expertise in digital marketing and website development. She also write gadget and other tech product reviews for different clients and also maintains a tech news website. Currently, she handles a team of 10 young tech enthusiasts who has all gained knowledge from her.

Brian Bolden

Brian is work-at-home app and website developer based in Toronto. When not working, he usually binge watch Netflix series while babysitting his four-month-old son.

Trisha McLlalen

Trisha is a mother-of-six who is currently managing her own online clothing business named Star Witch. She started her business way back in 2004. She drew inspiration from different Victoria’s Secret models and Vogue and In Style editors. She designs the clothing she sells in the shop which gives her the edge in the uniqueness and creativity department. For her, putting up a website for her online shop is a must especially for businesswomen who wanted their businesses to reach a greater amount of clients. She says she has landed a lot of partners, from big companies, and has also been featured in different fashion magazines. She also decided to put up another website catering to girls who loves fashion.

So what are you all waiting for, ladies? I have attended a previous lecture series of my friend Maya last December where we tackled blogging. To be honest, I was just writing my thoughts out before I attended that class and after which, I never looked at blogging the same way again. I learned a lot from the workshop and it has helped me with blogging, and writing in general.

I will be going to this event and I am sure if you will go too, you will learn from it just like me.

And oh, did I mention that if you go with a friend, you’ll get a discount of 30 percent?

For more information, e-mail me or ping a message to Maya at

See you there, ladies!