Month: March 2012





I guess it started with a lack of vitamins or something. For a long period the corners of my mouth cracked by just yawning or laughing. Everyone has lipbalms but that’s where my addiction started. I’ve been using Vaseline for years now but that’s when I started to buy and try all kinds of lipbalms.

I bought the famous Hema matte lipbalms, which gave me cracked lips. I guess there’s something in it my lips react heavily on. I already had two little tins of Vaseline (a blue and a pink one), but it just didn’t seem to help. Then I bought the Blistex lip relief cream which has mint in it. The mint gave a nice tingling feeling and this stuff really worked! Unfortunately it leaves a white film on my lips. Not very attractive, is it?

I bought the regular Blistex chapstick but I missed the tingly minty feeling the relief cream gave me. Blistex medicol is a better alternative for the lip relief cream and has now become one of my absolute favourites. It works and I now know that I’m just addicted to minty lipbalms.

To add some color I bought the Maybelline Babylips in cherry somewhere in between. Later on, I discovered the mint flavour of Babylips, but it actually smells more minty than you can feel the mint on your lips. I do believe that, just like Labello, the Babylips are only addicting and don’t really solve the problem like Blistex medicol does.

So now you’ll understand why I chose to buy the EOS lipbalm in mint instead of an another one. I love the EOS! It softens your lips and is NOT addictive without solving the problem of your cracked lips!

A few weeks ago I went to Douglas and told the lady who worked there that I can never where lipstick on a daily base. Whenever I wear lipstick, after a few days my lips start cracking again. Even my Lush sugar scrub doesn’t help…

She recommended Rosebud Salve and ensured me that this will make me wear lipstick on a daily base again. I bought the original Rosebud Salve instead of a flavoured one:


I was told to use it overnight, once before I put on my make up and once before I put on my lipstick. Right before I actually apply the lipstick, I’m supposed to softly whipe off the acces of the Rosebud Salve. I still have to give it a try. I promise to let you know how this one turns out!

Who’s tried this one already? What’s your favourite lipbalm? Any recommendations? Tell me!