Month: February 2012




I’m always in search for the best lipstick. This time I decided to try out some liquid lipsticks.

So, two days after my online order these three babies came in and I LOVE the colors!

I’m reviewing a nude one, a pinky lilac kinda one and a peachy one. Here they are!



My favorite of these three lipsticks at the moment is Unleash. Unleash comes out a bit peachy when slightly applied on the lips. When I put on more product and build it up, it becomes more orange. I love this for summer!  I’m wearing this one a lot with my Mac Modern Mandarin blush.

The nude’s called Tremor and the pinky lilac is named Shockwave. About these liquid lipsticks: they’re full coverage and easy to apply. You do have to be careful not to squeeze out to much product and hold the tube on just one spot on your lip. If you do, you have to blend it out directly and even the color out on your lips because of the high pigmentation. If you don’t, you can get color differences (the more product, the more intense is the color). Just dab your lips with a tissue, even it out with your finger and all is well again. : )

For these gorgeous great pigmented lipsticks and for only EUR 3,79, I’m sold!